July & August Classes:

July and August Classes!!! I would like to tell you about some new beading classes with Kim Williams, and a stretch into some new things with me!

I'm waiting on Kim's photos, materials supply and class dates, so that schedule will go out in a different newsletter. I have been playing around with a few different things this summer. Mostly polymer clay. If you want to come and take a class in polymer clay with me, Saturdays would be the day for that. I charge $25 for 2 hours, and we'll work on any technique you want...making canes, surface techniques, sculpture, you just let me know what you want to learn. Call ahead so I'll be prepared, and we'll set the time. Bring your own supplies and clay. (904) 466-3160.

I'm also playing lots with ... #1) Resin A decorative box, with layers and layers of colored papers and paints on top. This is a class you need patience for. We will work on your box prep, design, painting and cutting out the shapes, and applying the first layer of resin. Resin works if its mixed correctly. I mean EXACTLY as the directions tell you. So I will teach you how to do that. Your homework then will be to find a level spot at home where you can continue to add layers, 1 a day until you are satisfied. That class is offered on Mondays, between now and the end of July. Call me, we'll schedule a time. It's $45, includes your box and your resin supply, and all of the decorative papers and paint.

I will send out a new class schedule around the middle of the Month for new classes.
Thanks so much, and I look forward to seeing you! - Peggy