The Bead Chick

Hi bead chick fans!  January was an amazing month, and you all helped me get rid of all the stock I needed to!  I donated one small box that was left over to Shands Hospital in Jacksonville, Proton Unit.  There is a great gal there named Pam who works with the cancer patients and their families, creating works of art and crafts to give them something positive to do with their spare time.  In fact, our First Coast Polymer Clayers Guild has adopted this “ministry” to donate unneeded craft supplies to, as Pam has a limited budget to work with.  If you find yourself with too much, consider donated to them!


As far as the studio goes, I am in limbo as I wait for the new studio space to become ready, and also as I take and finish my bus driver training.  I will be a sub for a couple of months, getting used to driving different kinds of routes and buses, so my hours will be irregular.  Toward the end of the year I might be able to go full time and get a steady route, which will open up more hours of studio time.  I appreciate your patience.


Please keep checking this website for future announcements.  When it is time to start calling for classes, I will let you know!  Until then, God bless –